Northeast Tennessee

Johnson City Launch Week 3

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park) Starfish Qs

Our day started like any other. We met in the gloom, we ran after a tire and rim, that came off one of the pax’s car. Standard 0500 stuff. On the road again.

The Weather: 65 and sunny.

The Thang (the good lord willing)
Trial by Fire Warmup (Buhner and YHC decided that when it comes to faith, we are all refined by the fire in some way. So we threw the pax in just to watch em burn. Luckily, they were ready for the heat).
Prison Squats(IC)x15(We put Baby in a corner, no one puts Baby in a corner)
TTT(IC)x15 (Blueberry Fairy)
Widmill(IC)x12 (FNG 2.0)
Pole to Pole: 75% Sprint, Mario back, High knees, ass kickers back

Mosey to the Amphitheater

Stairway to Seven: Single Burpee at base (cause pax like to ask questions) run to to the top, ascending burpees at the top up to 7.  YHC once heard from Cadre Chuy that if you’re chest dont touch the ground it doesn’t count. YHC is not one to question a Green Beret. Hand release burpees for ALL!

Mosey back to the bridge.

Single file line for inch-worm Bear Crawl. YHC was unsure how this would work but it turns out that having to bear crawl the length of 28 #HIM’s is tougher than it looks. Tclaps Buhner

Mosey to Launch Point

Jack Webbs  1—>7
Lt. Dan 1—>5

YHC gets to have some fun now. Mosey to end of the field. All pax line up for a short talk about what faith means. YHC had much to chew on in the days leading up to launch week 3 and decided that there were 3 factors that could help us in our faith. YHC wanted to express these factors in the form of  an exercise.

#1. Vulnerability: Are you vulnerable enough to admit that something bigger than you exists. Are you willing to acknowledge that you are not the end all be all.
Exercise: The WheelBarrow
#2. Humility: Will you humble yourself enough to submit to this “bigger” thing. Will you allow it to transform you.
Exercise: The Chestnut
#3. Strength: Are you strong enough to maintain, to dive deeper, to fight the doubt. To carry a fellow brother when the faith starts to wane.
Exercise: Fireman’s Drag

Partner up-
Start at pole 1 with Chestnuts (3×5), Wheel Barrow to Pole 2. Repeato.
Start at pole 1 with Chestnuts (3×5), Fireman’s Drag to Pole 2. Repeato
Circle up for Ring of Fire. 3 rounds with 28 people takes a long time. But YHC called an audible and threw in some Plank Jacks so PAX wouldn’t get bored. Mumble chatter ensued.

Mosey back to Launch Point for Grinders. Grind until YHC saw fit, as time allowed. Stressed the importance of encouragement during a brief stint where it was hard to breathe. Important for PAX to understand that sometimes you can’t do it on your own and you feel like quitting, but your brother is there to encourage you, to push you, TO FACILITATE GROWTH.

6MOM – Gitmo (Wardaddy)



Coffeteria @ Chick-Fila

7 New FNG’s including 2 2.0’s. What an honor to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. The opportunity to pay it forward will never go unnoticed with this group. Looking forward to seeing what they can do.


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