Northeast Tennessee

Lunges, Squats and an Iron Horse

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)


Prior to beginning warm up exercises, in COP,  YHC wanted to share a quote from Ben Franklin: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”.  Idea behind that was to remind the Pax that we aren’t just out here to sweat.

Weather: 68 deg 96% humidity

The Thang:

SSH (because it must be a rule at the #ironhorse to start with these) 15 IC


LBAC forward and reverse 10 IC

Lunges 10 each leg OYO

Merkins 10 IC

Hillbilly walkers 15 IC

Time to go to work:

Reverse Ladder: run from far end of the field to the light pole at bear family (approx 110 yrds) 30 merkins & 30 squats, return to starting place by running backwards, run back to next closest pole 25/25 run back to starting place in reverse. Rinse and repeat reducing by 5 each time until closest pole to starting point do 10/10.

Group 1: 10 merkins on cinder block, then hold block with elbows at 90 deg and lunge to next pole, 5 merkins with left arm on ground and right arm on block then switch for total of 10.  Pick up block and lunge to next pole.  10 merkins both hands on block. R & R for 4 poles approx 60-80 yrds.  10 burpees at the end (the Pax really enjoyed it)

Group 2: while group 1 is enjoying the block lunges group 2 runs the inner loop and stops at each bench and does 10 squats (roughly 10 or 11 benches).  Then flapjack groups.

4 corners: cone 1; 15 shoulder presses with block, cone 2; 15 BBSU’s, cone 3; old school set of 21 curls with blocks, cone 4; 15 merkins.  2 rotations

split into groups of 3, 40 yard gassers, with the blocks of course (was a crowd pleaser to end that way)

Bonus: as the Pax were glad to be finished with the blocks, with 3 mins on the clock we heard the train whistle, that means 1 thing.  Burpees till the train passes, no need to count, just do them!

Countorama. Nameorama

2 FNG’s: Ryan Alexander decided he was going to wear a sleeveless shirt…2nd Amendment, Luka Temaj, from Serbia (old Yugoslavia), former pro soccer player, personal trainer, current pastor…Yugo (you know, like the car!)

Short devo incorporating quote form beginning and a quick message from Penn-Segal about he’s gotten better.  As well as Philippians 2: 1-3.  Urging us to stay humble as we grow and to help others.

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