Northeast Tennessee

No title was worthy enough for those hardworking Pax

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)



Weather: low 50’s 60% humidity (yeah South Carolina, its better in the mountains)

Tha Thang:

Warm Up: GO! (if you were there you know what that meant)

TT (dang) T: 15 IC

Merkins: 10 IC slow

SSH: 20 IC

Willy Mays Hays: 10 IC

Good Mornings: 10 IC

Merkins: 20 OYO

Enough with the warm ups…mosey to do what we came to do.  Sweat. Work. Get Better.  But, alas, the mosey was interrupted by our beloved #ironhorse…pax drop and do burpees until it passes.  At this point Donatello was super proud of himself for achieving 38 he nicknamed himself the “conductor” for doing the most…his M must be so proud.  Continue moseying to the field for some work.

11’s…line up across the field even with one light pole do 1 atomic merkin.  run.  at next light pole stop for a speed bump and do 1 burpee.  continue running to next light pole and complete 10 Lt Dans. R & R until 10 atomic merkins and 1 Lt Dan.  total distance approx 40 yards (interestingly there was no mumblechatter).

Mosey to Tombstone Hill.  1 trip up and back each, facing forwards, right, left, backwards, and the pax were instructed to come back down the hill facing the same direction they went up it.  At the top do 20 SSH (those were interesting after going up the hill sideways), at the bottom do 10 merkins.

Mosey back to amphitheater for COP, prayer, and YHC reminded the pax that when we are in a leadership role whether at home, work, school (teachers), etc, how we lead affects our followers, who we hope one day will be leaders themselves.

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