Northeast Tennessee

The Q who forgot his name!!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

So as with any PAX there is always a good story. For this one we need to go back 15 yrs when I fell on my bucket and scrambled a few eggs…..jk. That did happen but it has nothing to do with this story. Seriously, as usual Donatello and I(Honcho) were arguing about nothing. Towards the end of the Q, I yelled at Donatello, but called him Honcho. Hoping no one heard this I pressed on, but always on his B-game Jester quickly pointed out the error. That’s when I realized the weather, the course, and the Q had kicked my tail.

Weather: 63 and WET!!!!!

• TTT(20 IC)
• Pretzel (10 IC)
• BAC (20 IC)
• RBAC (20 IC)
• Pretzel (15 IC)
• Cherry Pickets (15 IC) Up and Down
• Imperial Walkers (20 IC)
• Merkins (20 IC)
• Mosey to Pavilion
• Plank in center till everyone arrives
Seat Area 1
• Dec Merkin 25 OYO
• 25 Step Ups
Seat Area 2
• Incline Merkins 25 OYO
• Sit Ups 25 OYO
Seat Area 3
• Dips 25 OYO
• Squats 25
Rinse and repeat for a total of 2x
• Mosey to Field (Pair Up)
• Partner 1 does exercise
• Partner 2 Sprints to Cone and then does lunges back to partner 1
Team Exercise(Cumulative)
50 Burpees
100 Squats
150 Flutter Kicks
Mosey to Tombston Hill
• 10 Merkins at Bottom
• Bernie Sanders to 1st Light pole
o 25 Squats
• Bernie Sanders to 2nd Light pole
o 25 Squats
Repeat 2 times
• Mosey to Field
• Merkorama
o PAX does 1-16 and then 16 back down to 1 around the group.
• Flutter kicks till we die…! Have no idea how many were done.
• Countarama
• Namearama

In the end Honcho let out a Truth Bomb about the impact F3 has made in his life…. and he and Donatello hugged it out. Till the next PAX they remain friendly.

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