Northeast Tennessee

No Gloves, No Problem

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Time:  0530
Temp: 36 deg F
Air Quality: Ah who cares? It’s worse in LA.



SSH x40 (IC) – Honoring Donatello’s upcoming B-DAY
Merkins x10 (IC)
LBAC x20 (IC)
Michael Phelps
LBAC x20 (Rev IC)
Michael Phelps
Squats x10 (IC)
Lunges x10 (IC)
Windmills x 10 (IC)
TTT but no bouncy-bouncy x10 (IC)


Interval Training
Jump Lunges x10 single count
Decline Merkins x20
Squat Jumps x30
Dips x40
Rinse and Repeat x2 (3 total sets)

Mosey to the Field

Four Cones Drill
In the field, four cones are lined up approximately 15 yards apart.  At the first cone is designated for Big Boy sit-ups, the second and third cones for Merkins, and the last cone  Big Boy sit-ups again.  The PAX starts at cone one and tries to complete as many reps as possible for one minute.  Once the time has elapsed, the Q will call out a cone number and determine how the PAX will traverse the distance: Bear crawl, crab crawl, lunge walks, sprints, etc.  The PAX will immediately start reps of the appropriate exercise for the designated cone.  The timer does not start until all PAX have arrived at the cones and started their reps.

Mosey Back to the Amphitheater

Five Minutes of Mary (really just four)

  • Leg extensions scissor kicks:  Hands placed on the lower back to provide support.  while keeping legs straight, raise to 90 position.  Then Q will direct the PAX to raise and lower their legs between the 90 degree position and the 20 degree position.  At times, the Q will have the PAX hold the 20 degree position for extended time or perform scissor kicks in cadence.
  • LBC 3 count hold x20 (IC)




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