Northeast Tennessee

Come one, come all to the Rucktastic Thanksgiving Parade

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a warm 50 degree start to the morning. A light rain fell last night so the ground was soft and comfy. 15 PAX showed up for a Rucktastic-Merktastic-Squatastic Thanksgiving Day.



SSH (IC) 22

LAC (IC) 22

TTT (IC) 10

Merkins (IC)  22

Now that the warm up is over, let the fun begin. Those that had Rucks Rucked Up at this point..  Have you ever heard of the Game 21, well here in the South we don’t care for odd numbers, so we play to 22. For some reason 21 must be for the city folks:

22 Game: I Merkin run across field do 21 Squats. Keep going till you complete 22 Merkins or splash merlot. If you splash get up a finish those Merks.

Merkins 253

Squats 253

There was very little chatter from the PAX once the game begin. Everyone finished, most still with their Rucks on. Impressive work guys


Welcome 1 FNG( Toto)



As the YHC moseyed to the car, I was carrying to Rucks and really struggling to walk at this point. I started thinking about my life before F3, my physical condition, and overall outlook on life. With the two rucks today I was carrying my original weight (approx.) from 6 months ago. So today I say I am thankful for the F3 Johnson City guys. You have challenged me, pushed me, and encouraged me to become a better man. I would not be getting better without you…..Have a blessed day with your families guys.


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