Northeast Tennessee

Post Murph Maylay

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

An all time high 27 Pax showed up Tuesday to kick the new year off right. It just so happens 16 of them also showed up on Monday for a New Year’s Murph. The JC Pax put in some serious work on Monday. Many (including YHC) were sore and moving slowly on Tuesday morning. YHC though about an ab workout, which seemed to be the only body part not hurting. After about 2 seconds of internal deliberation, YHC decided to set the tone for the New Year. We will not be taking it easy on Tuesday—we are accelerating.

  • Disclaimer
  • Prayer—Donatello
  • COP—mosey around outer loop to retaining wall
    • SSH (15 IC) mosey around to the park entrance -> lets get it over with
    • Squats (10 IC)
    • Merkins (10 IC) -> mosey the inner loop to the bridge
    • TTT (10 IC)
    • LBAC (10 IC)
    • Windmills (10 IC) -> mosey back towards the park entrance and around the corner towards the Hill

The Pax knew what was coming. It’s been a while since we’ve hit Tombstone Hill. Nothing like some hill repeats and burpees to work out the sore legs.

  • Jacobs ladder
    • Up the hill -> 7 burpees -> back down
    • Rinse and repeat down to 1 burpee

Mosey back to the Pavilion Parking Lot for some BLIMPS (up then back down)

  • Burpees (5)
  • Lunges (10 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (15 IC)
  • Merkins (20)
  • Plank Jacks (25)
  • Squats (30)

Added another 11 burpees to finish of the BLIMPS to make an even 50 for the day

A few minutes left-> to the retaining wall

  • 10 dips/10 box Jumps (rinse and repeat)
  • AMRAP incline merkins for 1:00


  • Countarama
  • Namearama
  • Prayer—Donatello


Strong work by the Pax. YHC pulled no punches. The Pax showed up and put in the work. The young Training Wheels and Donatello had a little bet on Murph. Training Wheels should have known better—he lost—he’s still young—he will learn. He owed Donatello 50 burpees (and breakfast). Since a key part of F3 is living 3rd, YHC decided all the Pax should share in paying the burpee debt for the young Training Wheels. I’m proud of the work the JC Pax are putting in. Six months ago, Murph was just a bridge too far for some of these guys—not any more.

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