Northeast Tennessee

Revisiting F3JC Day 1…with golf balls

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Fore!!!  19 PAX (1 FNG) endured a run heavy, golf ball carrying workout in the gloom this morning. Donatello and YHC noticed late in the week that the Q sheet was empty for today. We decided to use Ranger and Field Goal’s Q from day 1 of F3 Johnson City 8 months ago as our starting point. We got rid of Field Goal’s bear crawl block circle thing because we remembered is sucking real bad.  We replaced that thing with some running, merkins, burpees, and golf balls. Donatello decided we needed a little education on proper merkin form. In the least jerk-like fashion possible, he showed us how to bring chest to golf ball. It ain’t easy, but he’s only looking out for us. That’s what he said anyway. 25.67% of the PAX actually believed him.  Tclaps to Kardashian for supplying all PAX with brand spanking new ProV1 golf balls. Only the best.  Or maybe I had a neon yellow Top-Flite…can’t remember. This is how it went down.




  • Motivator from 10 (always a PAX favorite)
  • Golf ball merkins x 5
  • Imperial walkers x 25IC
  • Golf ball merkins x 5
  • Hillbilly walkers x 25IC
  • Golf ball merkins x 5
  • TTT x 15IC
  • Golf ball merkins x 5
  • Shoulder pretzels x 20IC

The Thang

Modified Ranger’s Pain Train (4 rounds or ~20 minutes) – cones pretty darn far apart.  Guessing 40-50 yds.

* Run to the 1st cone, 10 squats, return to the start 5 burpees

* Run to the 1st cone, 10 squats, run to the 2nd cone, 10 merkins, return to the 1st cone 10 Squats, return to the start 5 burpees

* Rinse and repeat starting with the first cone each cycle for a total of 5 cycles

Group Off (~9 minutes each station, with 1 minute to rotate)

Group 1 -> Wall work

* 5 decline merkins (modify -> 5 regular or 10 incline)

* 10 step-ups (each leg)

* 15 dips

Rinse and repeat until time

Group 2 -> Hill work

* Partner 1 -> up Tombstone Hill -> 5 burpees

* Partner 2 -> AMRAP LBCs until partner returns

Flapjack, Rinse and repeat until time

Finished off with suicide gassers x 2 rounds






There was some discrepancy in how many miles were logged.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2+.

GrowRuck has been moved to November.  We will find some other CSAUP to do in the meantime.

Prayers for Rudy who was participating in a duathlon today.  He represented (not a surprise).

It was mentioned again today that several of the PAX who have been around since last June are looking slim.  Tclaps to some gents who have lost 40+ pounds.

FNG Adam Gray –> rides bikes –> coolest part of a cool bike is the set of cool handlebar tassels –> Tassels it is…figured we could take that nickname several directions.

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