Northeast Tennessee

If you want a butt like the Biebs…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

16 men braved the lightning and rain (although they both stopped about the time we started working) for a cardio-heavy circuit courtesy of the Seconds iPhone app.

Note: It’s spelled lightEning, if you ask Donatello.




  • Side Straddle Hops 25 IC
  • Merkins 10 IC
  • Through The Tunnel 10 IC
  • Willie Mays Hayes 10 IC

I pulled out the Seconds iPhone app again, to lead us through a 54-minute non-stop cardio circuit that included 18 rounds of 90 second AMRAP exercises alternating with 90 second runs.

  • Merkins 90 seconds AMRAP
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Big Boy Sit Ups 90 seconds AMRAP
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Side Straddle Hops 90 seconds AMRAP
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Plank 90 seconds AMRAP
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Squits (Squats) 90 seconds AMRAP
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Shoulder Pretzels 90 seconds AMRAP
  • Run 90 seconds

Rinse. Repeat. Three sets.


No Mary. Our circuit ran us right up to quitting time.


Count-a-rama with 16.



Most of our playlist for today included instrumental progressive metal from a band called Gru, one of my favorites for running, but — I included a few selections that I knew were popular with the Q including favorites of Donatello (Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”), Baby (Justin Bieber’s “Baby”), Singlet (Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”), and Sweaty Palms (Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”). You guys have questionable taste in music, but I love you anyway.

For @Baby.


Donatello is going to include a running list of upcoming events at the bottom of his weekly emails. We have several running the Knoxville 1/2, the Tweetsie 1/2 Marathan & 10K, Chasing Snakes, Ragnar Relay, F3 Mud Run, and more… (If you’re slow, register for team “F3 Heavy” for Goliath at the Gorge.

By the way… seems to keep a pretty good list of regional run events. You might bookmark that one.

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