Northeast Tennessee

Let’s get hammered!!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)




24 degree frosty morning.

SSH 20(IC)

TTT 12(IC)

LAC 12(IC)

The Thang: 22 posted this morning so we divided into two groups.

Group 1 mosey to Tombstone Hill. 5 Burpees at Bottom, Bernie Sanders to 1st Pole do 25 Squats, Lunge to top of the Hill, 5 Burpees, mosey back to bottom. Rinse/Repeat for 30 minutes and mosey to station 2.

Station 2:Doracides. Partner Up.

SH= Sledge Hammer

Doracides: While Partner 1 is doing the heavy lifting Partner 2 will mosey to tires, approx. 10 yds., away, three times. 1st time P2 will do 1 Burpee, and  strike the tire 5 times with SH. Mosey back to P1, 2nd time 1 Burpee and strike tire 10 times, mosey back to P1. 3rd trip to tires 1 Burpee, and strike tire 15 times.  I love doracides, there is so much pain that can be packed in these exercises.

Round 1: 125 Squat Thrusters

Round 2: Static Overhead press till partner completes Doracides. Repeat 2X

Round 3: 150 curls. While partner completes Doracides

Switch stations after 30 minutes


Name-o-rama: 1 FNG Silas Tolan(Peepers)

So YHC asked the question this morning what do sledgehammers,  cinder blocks, tires, and steel plates have in common. My initial response was perseverance and dedication. Both qualities help sharpen our senses. They help us hone in on the goal before us. Sweat, blood, and even merlot are required to proceed to the end. I’m proud of each of you that posts each week. Strong work, great dedication, and unbelievable perseverance to finish some truly brutal Qs…….

Also have to give a shout out to our Lexington brothers. without you none of this would be possible. Thank you for your vision and dedication to see this through. Happy 3rd Anniversary.

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