Northeast Tennessee

I Love You Bearded Iris

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

10 men, perhaps baited by the promise of beer, came out to isolate some muscle groups, and get stronger.




  • Through The Tunnel 20 IC
  • Run A Stair Lap


Part 1: Shoulders, Chest, and Arms

  • Merkins 5 IC (hold last one in the up position for plank)
  • Plank 10 Count
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Shoulder Pretzels 10 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles 10 IC (alternate)
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Dips 10 Count
  • Decline Merkins 5 Count
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Stair Lap, back to circle.

Part 2: Legs

  • Squats 5 IC (hold last one in down position)
  • Squat Hold 10 Count
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Wall Jumps 1 Count
  • Squats to Heel Raises 2 Count
  • Rinse, repeat, double the count each time. 4x
  • Squat Jumps 5 IC
  • Lunges 10 IC
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Stair Lap, back to circle.

Part 3: Abs and Core

  • Boats/Canoes 5 IC
  • Little Baby Crunches 10 IC
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • American Hammers 10 IC
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups 5 IC
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Flutter Kicks 10 IC
  • Twisted Six (Begin on six, with legs extended out, 6″ off ground. Then: Knees To Chest, Twist Right, Center, Twist Left, Center, Extend Out) 5 IC
  • Rinse, repeat. 4x
  • Stair Lap, back to circle.

Part 4: What do you have left?

  • Merkins 1 Minute AMRAP (Winner gets beer).
  • Wall Jumps 1 Minute AMRAP (Winner gets beer).

Part 5: Lean On Me (Circle Knee-Jerk)

  • 5 Knee Lifts, 5 Count Hold On Final. Switch.
  • Rinse, repeat. 2x


No Mary. Our circuit ran us right up to quitting time.


Count-a-rama with 10.



Everyone was a winner today, as I decided to give away high-quality IPA (a variety pack of Bearded Iris) for whoever could do the most Merkins in a minute (Pythagorus = 42, at the end of our workout), the most Wall Jumps (Kardashian = 31, at the end of our workout), and just a can or two for everyone else who wanted one.

I didn’t have a moleskin in mind when I did that. I just wanted to do something to show my friends some love, and knowing them like I do, I knew that beer would do it.

Once I got home though, and started to type up the Back Blast, something struck me.

Too often, I tend to show love the way I want to show it, instead of how the object of my love wants to be shown. Too often, I’ve loaded the dishwasher, instead of painting that old leak stain in the ceiling that my M has asked me to paint dozens of times. Too often, I’ve bought a gift instead of giving my time. Too often, I’ve said encouraging things, instead of coming alongside someone to work together. Too often, I’ve given advice, instead of really listening and empathizing with someone in pain.

I’m sure you have your own examples.

So… Drink that beer, boys, and as soon as you finish it, use it as a reminder to love those you love in the way they want (need) to be loved. Seek out that thing (or two) that will make it super-clear to your M or your 2.0s or your friends, not just that you thought of them, but that you love them, humbly and sacrificially.

Humility and love aren’t a way that you think, they are things that you do.

On second thought, maybe you should drink the beer after, as a reward, instead of before. Yeah, that’s probably better.

You’re good men. I love doing work with you, and I do love you. Enjoy the beer.


The Chasing Snakes 10K in Johnson City is next Saturday (March 18th). F3 will definitely be represented, with a group headed over for an 8:30 start time after our regular Saturday morning work at Founders Park.

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