Northeast Tennessee

An ABSolutely Great Day for a Workout

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Conditions: Storms had passed leaving an overcast, damp 55ish

YHC is running the Knoxville Half Marathon Saturday (How do you know if someone . . . runs marathons, is a vegetarian, does crossfit, etc.? – Don’t worry, they will tell you. I’m not kidding, THEY. WILL. TELL. YOU.).  It seemed like a good day to lay off the legs…




  • Motivator from 8
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Morning Glories x10 IC
  • LBC x10 IC (3 count hold – Thank you Escape Hatch)
  • IW x15 IC
  • Mosey up steps then down steps and raccoon crawl the wall – THE WHOLE WALL – then mosey to torch statue
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • DQ x15 IC
  • WW1 SU x5 OYO
  • HW x15 IC
  • Mosey to Amphitheatre

The Thang


  • Hearts = WWI SU OYO
  • Spades  = LBC IC 3 count
  • Diamonds = Captain Thor
  • Clubs = Side crunches
  • Face Cards = 10 of exercise + 20 flutter kicks IC
  • Aces: Plank + 1 lap
  • Hearts = 1 min plank
  • Spades = Up/Down Planks 1 min AMRAP
  • Diamonds = Right/Left Plank 30 sec each
  • Clubs = Plank Jacks 1 min AMRAP

YHC brought most of a double deck of Star Wars Villains and Heroes playing cards. There were maybe more bad guy face cards and more good guy 5s and 6s. It didn’t seem to matter, though; all we seemed to do were side crunches and flutter kicks.





Welcome Teo Torres FNG, works at Texas Roadhouse, therefore: Peanut

Erwin starts Saturday. Make sure you sign up to be there 1 or more times this week. Contact YHC for access to the sheet. 5 JC Pax are running the Knox Half Sunday. Be keeping our injury free/speedy bodies in your prayers.


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