Northeast Tennessee

21 or Bust

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Time: 0530

Temp: A balmy 49 degrees




Motivator (from 7)

Little Baby Arm Circles 15 each in cadence (sort of) front and back

Imperial Walkers 13 (for some reason) in cadence

Willie Mays Hays 15 in cadence

Arm Pretzels 25 in cadence

Hillbilly Walkers 15 in cadence

Windmills 15 in cadence

Motivator (from 5)

The Thang:

Despite the bribe offers that were coming my way (10 bucks if we don’t do any merkins), YHC held onto his integrity, resisted the temptation, and introduced the crew to Blackjacks, which included a hearty dose of merkins, indeed.
Starting with one squat, running across the lot and doing twenty merkins, the Pax continued the pattern, working up to twenty squats and down to one merkin as the circuits progressed.While the pain was real, so was their perseverance, and there was much rejoicing when we hit our final twenty-one, cashed in our chips, and circled up for a closing round of….
Mary: We closed out the Q with a dose of LBC’s (in cadence, 3-count hold, 10 reps), Flutter Kicks (in cadence, 20 reps), and Heels to Heaven (OYO 10 reps).




Jonathan Miller, 33, Plays Guitar——>Mortally afraid of playing off-key——–>Capo

Ken Calain, 41,Chiropractor———>.Has 8 kids—————> Doc Ock


This was YHC’s first time leading the Q in quite a while, and it was exciting to get to do so with this new but enthusiastic segment of F3 in Erwin. These men have inspired me this week, as they’ve done the hard thing, rolling out of bed on some dark, windy mornings to put in the work and get better. Looking forward to many more Q’s with this special group.


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