Northeast Tennessee

Just when you thought no-one could count worse…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

weather:  a much better than expected 50 degrees after rainy night

12 PAX braved the morning after a threat of harsh weather forced the QIC to modify his workout from an expected Pavillion workout to use of the full Iron Horse

COT – Refill, disclaimer, Prayer


SSH’s – 18 IC, Windmill’s-18 IC, Arm Pretzel’s – 19 IC

Stair Lap

Hillbilly Walker’s – 18 IC (with QIC faking all out), Imperial Walker’s – 18 IC, Groiner’s-18 IC

Stair Lap

Mosey-Indian Bear Crawl (PAX loved this…)-mosey

the Thang;

modified ladder exercises up cemetery hill, progressing by 5 each cycle

  • Pete Rose’s (hand real Merkins) @ first pole
  • Johnny Bench’s (squats) @ 2nd pole
  • Joe Morgan’s (big boy situps) @ 3rd pole
  • Return to start and progress by 5 – repeat till 20.

mosey to Amphitheater; to be honest, QIC surprised how much time was left at this point so he decided PAX needed some “wall- work”

  • Wall- Jumps – 10 OYO
  • Dips – 10 OYO
  • Incline Merkins – 10 OYO
  • Repeat x 2

The finisher;

  • Hurricane Hoe-Down (in honor of Singlet)
    • seated flutter kicks, IC x7
    • leaning flutter kicks,  IC x7
    • regular flutter kicks, IC x20
    • LBC’s with flutter kick, IC x 7
  • Fire Drill
    • PAX in circle and chopping, “Fire” = stop, drop, roll right – merkin, roll left – merkin, return to chop.
    • honor of yelling “Fire” rotated until all in circle complete it

COT, Countorama, Nameorama

Announcements – Donatello mentioned the upcoming GOM relay in Sparta, NC coming up June 2nd-3rd for any interested PAX







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