Northeast Tennessee

Someone said they want more blocks and arms? … At least that is what I heard.

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)


4/11/17 0530

Conditions: 54 degrees and Clear, The field was damp which added the gloom

COP – Jar Jar



Warm up:

3 burpees oyo (got a little criticism for the “slaughter” starter, or lack there of)

4 man makers oyo

5 parker peters w/ merkins oyo (plank, knee to opposite elbow, merkin, knee to opposite elbow merkin = 1


Merkin 12 IC

5 LBAC and Reverse

Question to the PAX: Does anyone know what 3,4,5 and 5,12,13 have in common? Full Monty – Pythagorean Triples. CORRECT!!!

The Thang: All reps performed with blocks

The PAX was divided into three groups: Group 1 hit Triangle 1, Group 2 hit triangle 2, group 3 did the sideline lap. then they would rotate to the next station.

YHC made two right triangles on the football field. Triangle one was an isosceles right triangle. (90, 45, 45)

90 curls – mosey to next angle

45 lbc with block  – mosey to next angle

45 lbc with block – mosey to next angle


Triangle 2 was a 30, 60, 90 right triangle.

90 curls

30 tricep extensions

60 overhead presses


Sideline Work:  One lap around field with pain stations every 1/4 lap. Walking merkin (using a agility  ladder (thought I would be the first to introduce this ladder only to just read Rudy’s BB from Saturday at Erwin where he beat me to it) the PAX were perpendicular to the ladder and did a merkin then moved sideways one rung another merkin, rinse repeat until ladder was finished) Bear crawl to goal post do 5 man makers, Mosey to other bleachers (it was supposed to be a mosey but the first group duck walked instead so we duck walked 50 yards) 30 dips, Duck walk 50 more yards to other goal post and do 10 burpees – mosey to triangle 1.

Rinse and Repeat as many times as possible. I think one group did 2 1/2 full rotations through the stations.



Announcements: Donatello is still looking for a few good men to join his GOMR team or he will take what the PAX can deliver.

COT – Jar Jar (remember Ponzi’s family in the loss of his grandmother and with traveling to and from Illinois, Fully Monty with possible torn hamstring,)


We lost 4 of the PAX less than halfway into the workout today. Fully Monty slipped on the wet grass and popped something in the back of his leg. Tclaps to Beaker, Wheezy, and Pedialyte for stepping up and helping Full Monty to get home and get his car home as well.


Naked Mole Skin:

The following was written the Tuesday after my first 1/2 marathon. A sort of benchmark for me.

Who is that? Is that Jar Jar? Those are the questions I heard many times today, and it felt great. I posted to F3 on October 15th, 2016. To understand the questions above you have to know a little about my physical appearance. My fist post I had what I would describe as a “scruff” beard, more than stubble but not much. During October my trimmer broke, then came Movember (no shave November), next extreme cold temps in the early mornings of December, January, and February.  After a couple of months, my F3 identity started to be tied to my full luxurious mane. I liked that feeling of being known for something. It was part of my 2ndF. My intention was to shave it off during my spring break (March 3rd), but the early morning temps of 20’s and 30’s made me rethink that. So then I set my shave date to April 3rd the day after I completed my first half marathon. The beard was kind of a Samson and strength thing for me. I did not want to lose my strength before the 1/2 marathon.

When I shaved my wild mane down to stubble I was shocked, surprised, and mildly weird-ed out by the reflection in the mirror. It had been 5 1/2 months since I had seen what was under the beard. During that time I have faithfully posted to F3 including run group and stride lite. I had accepted our 90 day run challenge which pushed me into my own challenge of the 1/2 marathon. I had competed a 63 day prorated push up challenge. All this to say, the beard represented much more than just my identity in the group, it represented every merkin, burpee, squat, and mile ran. It represented 5 1/2 months of me changing as a man. When I looked in the mirror I of course noticed the physical change that had been hidden from me, but I also realized that I was staring at a man I thought I lost 15 years ago and would never see again. I saw a man who loves move than he has in a long time, a man who looks forward to the day ahead including the physical challenges and embraces the emotional and mental ones better than he ever had before. The man I see in the mirror is a better version of the man who was there 5 1/2 months ago. This new man will not stop now, he has too much work left in relationships, physical endeavors, and life to stop. This new man has a sense of purpose that he has not felt in a long time. This new man is driven to be different and make a difference. This new man sets goals and accomplishes them. This new man has male role models that encourage, push, motivate, and best of all, love him. Love him for more than just his beard (even though it was pretty awesome). So, who is that? Is that Jar Jar? Yes! Yes, it is Jar Jar. I would not be who I am today without you guys of F3. So, keep bringing it each Q. I can’t wait to see the next version of me in 6 months. I am also excited to see the improved versions of you. I already can with many of you.

Your brother,

Jar Jar

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