Northeast Tennessee

Burpie Football

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

4/13/17 0530

Conditions: 48 degrees with clear skies and bright moon out.

15 PAX showed up for some Burpee football.



Warm up:

8 Through the Tunnel in cadence (1 more than we were supposed to, rookie mistake).

7 Imperial Walkers in cadence

7 Merkins oyo

7 Little baby armcircles          Yes, Baby there is a theme for today

7 Side strattle hops

2 Burpees oyo

The Thang:

Burpee Football practice: Mosey to IT entrance at bottom of the hill.  Partner up.  Partner 1 bear crawl to 1st cone (about 20 yards), 1 burpee, run to top of hill to stop sign, 2 burpees, then run back to bottom and finish with 3 burpees.  Partner alternates planking and crunches. Swap out. Second time up hill – Bernie Sanders to second cone (about 40 yards), 1 burpee, run to top of hill to stop sign, 2 burpees, then run back to bottow and finish with 3 burpees again. Swap out.

Move to flat part of parking lot.  Bear crawl to cone (20 yards), 1 burpee, run to playground and do 7 pullups, run back to start, 3 burpees. Partner alternates back plank and crunches.  Swap out.  Second time Bernie Sanders to 2nd cone (40 yards), 2 burpees run to playground for 7 more pullups, run back and finish with 3 burpees.  Partners swap again.  Mosey to football field goal line.

Burpee Football GAME TIME:  Starting at goal line bear crawl to 20 yard line, 2 burpees (for a safety), then Bernie Sanders to 50 yard line, 3 burpees (for a field goal), run to goal line and score a Burpee touchdown and do 6 burpees, run 100 yards back to original goal line and do 1 burpee for the extra point.  Initial goal was to rinse and repeat 3 times but everyone finished fast so we added a fourth Burpee touchdown run.



Announcements:  Still some openings for GOMR

COT – Remember Ponzi, driving home from Grandmother’s funeral in Illinois. Full Monty recovering from injury on Tuesday.




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