Northeast Tennessee

Raising Heck

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Time: 0530

Temp: 50-ish




Side Straddle Hops-25 in cadence

Imperial Walkers-15 in cadence

Don Quixotes-15 in cadence

Brief Mosey around the loop for later reference

Little Baby Arm Circles-15 Forward/Backward in cadence

Willie Mays Hayes-15 in cadence

Hillbilly Walkers-15 in cadence

Through the Tunnel-10 in cadence

The Thang

Today’s workout involved a tribute to one of YHC’s favorite musical ensembles from my formative years: Run DMC. Pax started by running a lap around our designated loop. This was followed by 20 Diamond Merkins (that’s the D). A second lap was followed by 20 Merkins (the M), and a third lap was completed with 20 Carolina Dry Docks (the C). Three laps with corresponding exercises= 1 round. Pax were assigned three rounds, with the instruction to help out a brother upon completion.

After finishing Run DMC’s, Pax engaged in leg work:
20 Squats, hold for three-count in cadence

20 lunges each leg, in cadence

10 Squat jumps, hold for three count before jumping, in cadence

Workout ended with a dose of Mary:
20 LBC’s, three-count hold in cadence

25 Flutter Kicks in cadence

25 American Hammers in cadence



Robert Rice, 37 —-> childhood nickname “Rabbit”—–> Thumper

Ben Lamie, 36——> Cougar (because he’s so fast and has cat-like reflexes and we’ll just leave it at that)

Rename Ben Eveley—->Principal—->has a paddle——> Spanky

Closing Prayer


These Erwin Pax are all in, and I couldn’t be prouder of the way so many are showing up ready to work hard and push each other to get better. I knew there were some good men in Erwin, and these past two weeks have only confirmed that. This is going to be a special group. Great to have Donatello from JC come down and put in some work with us. I hope he sees what I see, and that he feels good about what he’s helping to start in Erwin.

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