Northeast Tennessee

“Dora Inferno”

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Condition: 52 degrees, cool and clear

Prayer – Beaker

  1. SSH x 75
  2. Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  3. Little baby arm circles X 15 then reverse x15
  4. Through the tunnel x 15 IC
  5. Jack Web: 1:4 Merkins/Air press x 7 OYO

Indian Run around track to hillside behind goalpost

Tha Thang: Modified DORA: Hill side scamper with two member teams. One member climbing/running, one exercising. Team goal 75 burpees, 100 squat jumps, 125 sit ups. While I should not print what some were saying about the hill while climbing, I will say it was dry, steep and PERFECT for a good workout. @Baby – I do not recommend this particular hill for backwards runs, however something tells me you may try it anyway. Todays title came from Donatello while walking back to the car – He said the hillside DORA needed a special name – DORA Inferno was mentioned.

Close out: Game of 21: Run 2/3 way across football field. Merkins on one side counting down from 20, sit ups on other side of field counting up from one. Total 21 exercises when both sides are added. OYO. Mosey back to bleachers.

Devo/Prayer – Daniel 2:20 – Beaker

I am thankful for the opportunity and accountability which comes with working out with this group of men. Never one to seek a gym membership or run club, I did not realize how much I needed to be active until joining F3. Keep it up men, there are many more just like me who need you/F3.

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