Northeast Tennessee

Real Men of Genius: Here’s to you Mr. I Can’t Duke’s of Hazard Slide Man!!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0530
TEMP:  Breezy 48F




  • Motivator from 10
  • Arm Pretzels x30IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x15IC
  • LBAC x25IC (and rev)
  • TTT x12IC
  • Mosey 1 Lap around Carpool Circle


Crab Walk/Bear Crawl Relay
– Pair up
– Partner 1 crab walks to the cones and returns doing the bear crawl
– Partner 2 stands around with his thumb somewhere uncomfortable
–  Pair switches with each completed lap.
– Rinse and Repeat 4 more rounds

Mud slide incorporated an awesome swim style turn to transition from crab walk to bear crawl…YHC wished he thought of something cool like that.  And Twinkle Toes…really.  How have you not heard of bear crawl or crab walk?  Maybe you were one of those smart kids that skipped elementary school?

Burp Merk up to 12
– Between each set run to the second set of cones and back

Blackjack (That is sets of 21 Slugger)
– 1 Imperial Squat Walker
– 20 Merkins
– and so on

-Hello Dolly x24 IC
– Straddle V x20IC (3 count hold)
-LBC x25IC (3 count hold)


FNG Brandon Adams >> While in High School he attempted to do a Duke’s of Hazard slide across a car…his teachers car…there was no sliding but a good dent >> Belly Flop >> Divot

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