Northeast Tennessee

Lightsaber Relay Race and Tribute to Leia

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Time: 0530
Temp: 65 and Windy


Warm up

• Imperial Walkers (15 IC)
• LBAC (20 IC)
• Hillbilly Walkers (15 IC)
• LBAC reverse (20 IC)
• TTT (25 IC)
• Don Quixotes (25 IC)
• Mosey 1 lap around the circle

The Thang

• Gather at the Shovel Flag
• Slugger and Escape Hatch were given lightsabers and designated as members of the light and dark side
• Slugger and Escape Hatch started by running 2 laps around the circle.
• While they were running the other PAX circled up to start a rotating routine of:

1. Merkins
2. Planks
3. SSH

• At the completion of the first 2 laps run, Slugger and Escape Hatch recruited an apprentice by slapping them with their lightsaber then passing it on like a relay baton. As the recruits began running their 2 laps around the circle, the remaining PAX rotated to exercise 2 in their list and Slugger and Escape Hatch began exercise 1 of the light side and dark side routines

Light Side
1. Hand release merkins
2. Peter Parkers
3. Motivators (3 count)

Dark Side
1. Diamond merkins
2. Parker Peters
3. Demotivators (3 count, reverse order)

• Rinsed and repeated rotating exercises until all PAX were recruited to either light side or dark side
• Dark side won the race by finishing first so light side had to mosey a lap. Dark side joined in the mosey to show off their prowess.

• Heels to heaven *In memory of Carrie Fisher* (10 IC)
• Flutter Kicks (15 IC)
• LBC (20 IC)
• American Hammers (10 IC)
• Freddie Mercuries (10 IC)

*YHC underestimated time so we opened it up for some bonus Mary suggestions

• Side Planks (10 IC, both sides, led by Escape Hatch)
• Boat/Canoe (led by Slugger)
• 6-12-18 (led by Hawkeye)

Closing Prayer

Moleskin: After having perfect attendance for the first month of F3 Erwin workouts, YHC had to miss last Saturday to watch the 2.0s. So doing my VQ on the next available slot seemed a fitting punishment to make amends. Much respect to Escape Hatch, Slugger and all the other PAX who have put in the time and effort to plan and lead workouts so far. It’s a lot easier to just show up and do as your told (unless you’re being told “Let’s start Motivators from 15”). I’m not a “morning person” and still often modify and finish at the back of the pack, but this group has been a great encouragement to me to simply show up, put in work, and improve. I already feel better just one month in. TClaps to Slugger for inviting me to F3 and helping me plan out today’s workout. Looking forward to the future VQ’s of my fellow Erwin PAX.

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