Northeast Tennessee

Bad Intentions

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

YHC has not been on the Q at Iron Horse for a quite a while. I wanted to reintroduce myself, just in case the Pax had forgotten. The Disclaimer sums up my intentions—they were bad.


DisclaimerGentleman, I am not a professional, but I do intend to kick my own ass this morning. Unfortunately for you—you are getting yours kicked too. Modify as necessary for your own safety.  


PrayerYHC did ask forgiveness for his potty mouth…  


Mosey to the Pavilion parking lot for an non-traditional COP

  • Light jog from near side to middle entrance—10 merkins—light jog back—10 squats
  • Carioca from near side to middle entrance—10 merkins—Carioca back—10 squats
  • Backwards jog from near side to middle entrance—10 merkins—Backwards jog back—10 squats
  • High skips from near side to middle entrance—10 merkins—high skips back—10 squats
  • High knees from near side to middle entrance—10 merkins—High knees back—10 squats
  • Butt kicks from near side to middle entrance—10 merkins—Butt kicks back—10 squats


Rotation 1: Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)—10 Minutes

  • Parking lot shuttle run (with intention) -> 10 merkins -> 10 squats

Editorial note—roughly a 45 second work, 15 second recovery period. It kind of sucked.

Mosey back to the Amphtheater 


Rotation 2: EMOM—7 minutes

  • 7 Burpee box jumps

Editorial note—this was much more difficult that it reads. It really, really sucked.

Mosey to the middle stairs that are rarely used


Rotation 3: 5 rounds

  • Hop each stair -> 5 squats at each landing (4 landings, 20 squats per round) -> 10 merkins at the bottom



  • 10 merkins (IC)
  • 10 squats (IC)
  • 8 merkins (IC)

Editorial note—no Mary. The boys at Arrowhead are working hard, but so are we—we are hitting the gas, not the brake.



  • Countarama
  • Namearama
  • Prayer



Earlier this week YHC sent out a newsletter that talked about being intentional—whether that’s with exercise, food, or time spent with loved ones. This workout was intentional. I wanted to see what the guys and myself had in the tank. I had bad (perhaps good) intentions to kick our tails. I recall vividly our first workouts during the week nearly a year ago, I lead most of them. I can say with absolute certainty—there’s no way these guys could have done this workout a year ago. In total we knocked out 295 merkins (including burpees) and 280 squats. No merkin or squat sets were larger than 10 reps. We moved with intention, pushed with intention, and squatted with intention—but we are better for it. The progress these guys have made over the past year is amazing and I’m proud of each and every one for the work they have put in to become better men, husbands, fathers, and community leaders.


  • Memorial Day Murph: Arrowhead (7am)
  • June 10: One-year convergence (Founders Park). Be there or suffer a 200 burpee penalty. 

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