Northeast Tennessee

3rd time is the charm….or the pain

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather: 60 and perfect

21 PAX showed up motivated and packing blocks to enjoy a beat-down. QIC was delivering Q #3 for the week and was highly motivated by the lack of any PAX signing up for said Q.

COP – Rudy





Run the track stopping at corner #1 for some SSH IC – 15

Continue on to corner #3 for some LBAC IC – 10, Merkins IC – 10, LBAC Reverse IC – 10

Finish the run around the track back to the flag.


The Thang


Beat-down zone #1

Partner up and grab a block

Partner 1 – 5×5 block work – 5 curls, 5 presses, 5 squats, 5 Carolina dry-docks, and 5 merkins in sequence as quicks as possible until partner 2 is ready to switch

Partner 2 – starting on the sideline, lateral burpees to the cones roughly 20 yards away and lateral bear-crawl back to the sideline. Repeat twice and switch with your partner.

20 minutes and let’s turn up the dial a bit


Beat-down zone #2

Track work with a shrednado twist (thank you Men’s Health!)

Run to the first corner

Squat Jump – 30 sec – recover 10 sec

Plyo merkins – 30 sec

Run to corner 2 (this counted as the 10 sec of recovery)

Split Jump – 30 sec – recover 10 sec

T-rotation – 30 sec

Run to corner 3

Tuck Jump – 30 sec – recover 10 sec

Mountain Climbers – 30 sec

Run to corner 4

Donkey kick – 30 sec – recover 10 sec

American Hammer – 30 sec

Rinse and repeat for another lap


Finisher – Gassers sideline to sideline with some bonus moves in between


Flutter kicks for 60 seconds


Crescent-chair call-out for 60 seconds


Elevator merkins for 60 seconds


With the exception of a few short explanations of the moves, this was a solid 41.5 minutes of F3 work.






Welcome to our 2 FNGs and Alter Boy visiting from SC.


Matt Valentine – Insurance guy who played baseball in college. After much discussion regarding baseball the PAX landed on E4 (which refers to an error on the second baseman for those of us not up on America’s pastime).


Eric Schneider – 4th year pharmacy student. Before he could share anything relevant, someone noted the “KY” emblem on his shirt which represented his fraternity. KY Jelly was called, Alter Boy was asked to weigh in on the level of appropriateness, and the group settled on Jelly for short.

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