Northeast Tennessee

Little Mermaid Kicked Tail!!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0530




  • SSH x40IC
  • Merkin x20IC
  • HillbillyWalkers x20IC
  • Plank Jacks x20IC
  • Squats x20IC (3count Hold)
  • Lunges x20IC
  • Peter Parkers x20IC
  • LBAC x20IC
  • LBAC (rev) x20IC
  • LBC x20IX
  • Heals to Heaven x20IC


Mosey to the Elementary School Sign for a little ladder work

4 Cones Approx. 20 yards apart
First Cone: 10 merkins
Second Cone: 20 Big Boy Situps
Third Cone: 30 Squats
Fourth Cone: 40 American Hammers

PAX will start at the first cone and run to the second cone and back, then third cone and back, and last run to the fourth cone and back.  Each time they reach a cone the PAX performs the exercise.  Ex: When running to the Third cone the PAX will perform merkins at the first cone, sit ups at the second, and squats at the third before running back to cone one.



  • Little Mermaids x10IC  (giggling and singing optional)
    Start on your six with hands approximately 6 inches behind your hips with your legs straight out.  Curl shoulder forward and engage abs. Raised position: With minimal or no movement of your back, raise your legs as high as you can keeping the straight. Lower position:  Bring legs down but do not touch the ground.
    This is a 3 count exercise.
    YHC intended to go much further, but I literally stopped counting at 10 with no inflection to indicate the exercise was done.  Great! Not only did the exercise seem too easy I totally butchered the count.  Well brothers I am telling you it must have been divine intervention.
  • Heals to Heaven x10IC
    Yeah, those “easy” exercise kicked butt (or maybe taill).  YHC had trouble keeping cadence from the beginning…ten did not come soon enough.
  • LBC x10IC (3 count hold)
    Not much better. Shoulder blades barely made it off the ground by 7th count.  Man card definitely in jeopardy.
  • Side Plank Up/Downs x10IC each side
    Ah, sweet relief!





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