Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Monday run group reboot part deuce. Seven men (2 first time run group posters) make it out to The Hill for a rebooted run group. Beautiful morning—perfect weather.



The Thang:

YHC was moving a little slow so I didn’t get a chance to go though my normal dynamic stretch routine I’ve been doing for 15 years before every workout (typically before I leave the house). Thought this was a good way to start off, given some of us are not getting in younger and I knew what was about to go down.

  • On the six—rotating knee drops
  • On the front—lateral scorpion rotations
  • Rotate to calf raises
  • On the feet—single leg airplanes (strait leg hamstring stretch)
  • Curtsy squats
  • Lateral lunges
  • Lunges with torso twist

Mosey to the field for a little more active warm-up

Down and back (40 yards)

  • Light jog
  • Carioca
  • Backwards jog
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • High skips
  • Light run to 10 -> accelerate to to the 40 (rinse and repeat)

Everyone is good and loose, ready for a good bit of lateral movement

Field Work: 3 Stations | 2 Rounds each station | 3 Cycles

P—Drill (cones set up in a P formation) 

  • Sprint to the first cone (15 yards)
  • Lateral shuffle to the right cone (10 yards)
  • Sprint up to the next cone (10 yards)
  • Lateral shuffle left to the cone (10 yards)
  • Backpedal back to the start (25 yards)

Ali Shuffle Sprint Outs

  • 10 Ali shuffles on the goal line -> sprint out to 10 yard line on last shuffle step

Lateral Rope Jumps (tied rope to goal post and hurdle on the field, knee high)

  • 10 alternating lateral jumps over the rope—focus on quick feet and explosive jumps

Mosey to visitor stand stadium stairs

Stair Work: 4 Rounds | 3 Cycles

  • Every stair
  • Every other stair
  • Hop each stair
  • Hop every other stair

Finisher—YHC reminded the PAX there was an exercise in the Exicon called “The Donatello,” which is finishing a workout with a set of suicide stairs. Our bootcamp AO’s do not have stairs, but the run group AO does. They are not like the stairs at the Snakepit—but they will do. Guess how we finished the workout?

  • Up to the first rail, back down, up to the second rail and back down, and son on…
  • There were 5 rails, 5 trips up and down

Rinse and repeat.


  • Countarama
  • Namearama


Nothing much to say other than solid work by the guys. This type work is very different than what we are used too. The pace is faster and there’s a good bit of lateral, dynamic movements. Come check it out. We are very cautious to make sure guys are legitimately warmed up and ready for the dynamic movements and sprint work.



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