Northeast Tennessee

Erwin Saturday F3 fun – Blame It On Your Daddy!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

05/20/2017 7AM 63 degrees and partly cloudy

Disclaimer/Prayer Circle


Through the Tunnel 15x IC

Slow Mosey 1 Lap

Little Baby Arm Forward Circles Palm down 10x 4 Count IC

Little Baby Arm Forward Circles Palm up 10x 4 Count IC

Little Baby Arm Reverse Circles Palm down 10x 4 Count IC

Little Baby Arm Reverse Circles Palm up 10x 4 Count  IC

Merkins 10x 4 count IC

Imperial Walkers 15x 4 Count  IC

Hillbilly Walkers 15x 4 Count  IC

Motivator from 7

Arm Pretzel’s 15x 4 Count IC

Merkins  10x 4 Count IC

Abe Vigota 10x 4 Count IC

Mosey 1 Lap (Demonstrate each station Thang)


The Thang

‘Blame It On Your Daddy’ – Two Groups – Group 1 On Track, Group 2 on Grinder.

Number of repetitions based on number of letters in full First/Middle/Last name given by your Daddy!

Group 1 – Pair up. Mosey to each station. Station 1- Bleacher Dips, Station 2- Leaning Pull-Ups, Station 3- Bench Step-ups (Half for one leg then switch), 4- Leaning or Incline Push-ups.

Group 2 – Pair up. Station 1- Flip Tire (if done in pair use average number of times), 2- Little Baby Crunches, 3- Sumo Squats (Hold for 3 count), 4- Leg Lifts (Using Pull Up bars) Mosey 1 lap around Tues/Thurs AO

Rinse and Repeat till told to switch.


Side Plank Lift – I0x 4 Count IC

Flutter Kicks 30x IC

Hello Dolly’s 20x IC

Little Baby Crunches 20x 3 Count hold IC

American Hammers 15 4 Count IC

Count O Rama/Name O Rama

11 Men won the first battle of the day by getting up and coming to F3 Iron Valley. Been a great experience leading the Pax twice this week. Hope everyone was pushed to be better. I am so thankful for this group of like-minded men dedicated to improving. I thank God for my F3 group!

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