Northeast Tennessee

Swizzle sticks not required…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Damp but a rain-free, 62 degrees and humid.  God loves F3!

YHC planned to keep track of sets during a modified Murph workout today but couldn’t find the sidewalk chalk.  Grabbed a box of swizzle-sticks from the bar for PAX to keep track instead.  Luckily found some in the garage – so chalk crisis averted….

Disclaimer, COT

-The warmup

  • SSH’s IC x 20
  • through the tunnel IC x 10
  • stair lap
  • WMH’s IC x 20
  • 10 burps OYO

– the workout

  • modified murph challenge to honor Lt. Mike Murphy & help others train for Murph challenge;
    • 1 mile run at brisk pace
    • oyo sets consisting of;
      • 10 bent rows with blocks/plates
      • 20 merkins
      • 30 squats
    • goal of 10 sets total (100 rows, 200 merkins, 300 squats)
    • 1 mile run giving all you got
    • stopped sets at 6 a.m. to run 2nd mile – burpee train interrupted 2nd mile – much to PAX dismay.
    • continued sets while waiting on the 6 (Congrats to Glory for completing 10 sets within time – what a stud – and to Chum for finishing after our allotted time together!)
  • Mary
    • flutterkicks (led by Singlet himself – I love it!)

-Countorama, Namorama, COT

  • Announcements
    • Pythagoras movie night this Friday night – byob, byos
    • Glory organizing a hike/run across the Roan highlands section of AT – late July – 24-26 miles.
    • Prayers for Peanut’s grandmother – very ill and in JCMC hospital.
    • Prayers for England after the terrorism attack in Manchester
  • YHC a little melancholy today after learning of the terrorism in Manchester – always hard to understand, even when I know God is in charge.  Thanks to the 12 PAX who let me lead them today and help me be a better man and Christian.
  • Keep the Faith!




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