Northeast Tennessee

Wardrobe Dysfunction at Copperhead Junction

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Light, inconsistent rain and 59 degrees.



 Abe Vagodas – 15 IC

 Through the Tunnel – 15 IC

 Arm Pretzels – 15 IC

 Mosey 1 Lap

 Copperhead Merkins – 11 IC

 Motivator from 7

 Copperhead Squats – 11 IC

 Mosey 1 Lap



 Catch Me If You Can (Deconstructed Burpee and Power Skip edition) – PAX partners up. Partner A does 10 squats while Partner B power skips across the parking lot. When A finishes squats, A sprints to B who then does his squats while A power skips.  Continue power skipping and rotate through the following exercises (in place of the squats) to complete a deconstructed burpee cycle: Leg thrusts x10; Merkins x10; Leg thrusts x10; Squats x10. A finished set (complete deconstructed burpee) is celebrated with 10 burpees. Rinse and repeat with 12 reps, 14 reps, 16 reps.

 Caterpillar – PAX forms two lines facing each other in elbow plank position.  First member in each line jumps each person in their line and then planks at the end.  Then the next person goes, Indian run-style, until each person has had plenty of jump opportunities.


MARY – The QIC used to coach wresting at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC and he remains in possession of a white wrestling singlet that reads “VALLEY” across the chest with a big “V” on the side.  When the morale was hitting a lull, he decided to reenergize the PAX by paying tribute to the AO’s new name (Iron Valley).  He did this by popping off his shirt to reveal the “VALLEY” singlet below (though he mercifully kept his shorts on).  Everyone was appropriately disgusted for the remainder of the workout.

 Boxcutter – 15 IC

 American Hammers – 20 IC

 LBCs – 35 IC

 Freddy Mercury – 25 IC

 Copperhead Merkins – 10 IC

 Dealer’s Choice:

Merkins – 10 IC

Heels to Heaven – 20 IC

Motivator from 7

Squats – 10 IC

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