Northeast Tennessee

Webmaster Workout

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Time: 0530

Conditions: 48, cool and damp



Warm Up

– LBAC, palms down (IC, 20)
– LBAC reverse, palms up (IC, 20)
– Imperial Walkers (IC, 15)
– Hillbilly Walkers (IC, 15)
– Willy Mays Hays (IC, 10)
– Lunges (IC, 10)
– Squats (IC, 15)
– Merkins (IC, 15)
– Don Quixotes (IC, 20)
– Arm Pretzels (IC, 20)

The Thang – Webmaster Workout


Part 1 – HTML, CSS, PHP


HTML (10 each)

Hand Release Merkins
Toe Squats
Merkins (3C)

Mosey 1 lap

CSS (20 each)

Carolina Dry Docks
Side Straddle Hops (3C)
Spiderman Squats

Mosey 1 lap

PHP (30 each)

Plank Jacks
Hillbilly Walkers (3C)
Peter Parkers

Mosey 1 lap

Plank on Six or Help a brother

Part 2 – W.O.R.D. press on

– Webbicides (on grass with markers at 25, 50, 75, 100 yards, suicides with increasing number of merkins for each line, 5, 10, 15, 20)

– Outlaws (aka – “loading screen”, on your six in flutter kick position, keep feet together and make circles. 3 count until 10)

– Russian Dips (hands folded, dip down and extend one leg forward like a Russian dance, back up, rinse and repeat. 3 count for each leg, 10 total)

– Dying Cockroach (on six, feet up, alternate reaching for opposite leg with each arm. 3 count until 10)


LBC (IC, 10)
Flutter kicks (IC, 10)
Freddie Mercury (IC, 10)
Heels to Heaven (IC, 10)
Gas Pump (IC, 10, LBC starting position, straighten and pull in legs)
American Hammers (IC, 10)



TJ White (FNG) –> Likes to fish –> Hooker already taken –> worm, chum, bait –> Stink Bait

Closing prayer


Though YHC still feels highly unqualified to Q (“I am not a professional”) based on the fact I still modify almost everything and still finish most exercises at the back of the pack, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of F3 Erwin and take on the challenge of planning workouts. At nearly 2 months in, F3 continues to be a highlight of my week and something that is slowly building me up in many ways. Though I’ll have to miss a few upcoming workouts due to other commitments, I’m looking forward to the northeast TN convergence on 6/10 and hope others are as well. As many different guys as we’ve had post at Iron Valley so far, I’d love to see at least 20-25 of us that day to represent. So put the emotional headlock on some of your fellow PAX to be out there that day. Let’s try to have the most guys of any local AO at the convergence as a tribute to the Erwin Nine who showed that small town guys can make a big impact.