Northeast Tennessee

And 366 on Leap Year

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

TIME: 0700



  • SSH x40IC
  • Merkins x15IC
  • LBC x20IC
  • Heels to Heaven w/ Leg raises x20IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20IC
  • Lunges x15IC
  • Squats (3 Count Hold) x20IC


24 hrs / 7 days a week – Seven Station and 24 exercises

Seven stations marked off at equal distances across the length of a soccer field with the  the flag planted at the center line.
1st Station: Lounge Chair Situps x8
Army Crawl to the next station
2nd Station: Lounge Chair Situps x8
Seal Crawl to the next Station
3rd Station: Lounge Chair Situps x8
Bear Crawl to the center line
4th Station (Flag at the center line):  Star Jacks x13
Bear Crawl to the next station
5th Station:  Booyah Merkin x8
Zombie Walk to the next station
6th Station: Booyah Merkin x8
Zombie Walk to the next station
7th Station:  Booyah Merkin x8
Partner carry back to station 1.  Change partners at the flag.
Rinse and Repeat.

Lounge Chair Situps – partners lock ankles for big boy sit-ups.  The partners stop at the 45 degree angle for a nine (9) count then continue the full sit-up.  The nine count is to recognize the Erwin Nine.

365 days a year

One lap (360) around the track followed by 5 Bropees

366 days on Leap year

One lap (360) around the track followed by 6 Bropees


Wall Jumps x15 or Step Ups x10 each leg
Run hard (between sprint and mosey) the width of the field between the bleachers and the players bench.
Donkey kicks x15

Rinse and Repeat until 8AM



Moleskin:  Although this holiday is intended to memorialize the sacrifice that the military and their families have given in time of war, there are currently thousands of people in some form of service in our country that protect us everyday.  They protect our health, our houses, our safety, as well as protect us from threats both foreign and domestic. Doctors, nurses, EMS, fire fighters, law enforcement, and the military put themselves between us and danger often at the peril of their own lives.  YHC challenges the PAX to show appreciation for these individuals in our community or anywhere we run into them.

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