Northeast Tennessee

Are you ready for some Burpee football

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Temp: Forgot to check; very wet field and no rain


Prayer – Faceplant

Warm up

-Abe Vigoda x 11 IC

-Little Baby arm circles x 10 IC

-TTT x 10 IC

-Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

-SSH x 20 oyo

-Merkin x 10 oyo

-Mosey around track to first set of bleachers then increase to 3/4 speed and head to goal post on football field.

The Thang

It honor of Hank Williams Jr getting his Monday night football gig back. Are you ready for some Burpee football?

1st quarter – Burpee football- Bear crawl to 20 yard line, 2 burpees, Bernie Sanders to 50 yard line – 3 burpees, then sprint to goal line – 6 burpees.  Sprint back 100 yards 1 burpee. ( 2 burpees for safety, 3 for field goal, 6 for toachdown, 1 for extra point).

Commercial break: Bataan death march- everyone did one time, mosey back to football field.

2nd quarter- Burpee football again

Halftime: Return to Crawlbear Hill:  This was a repeat from Baby’s “May the 4th be with your/cinco de mayo” fun.  Did this one again because Jar Jar was upset that Faceplant didn’t get to do the crawlbear up the hill before this one was called.  Divide into 3 groups, 1 group at top of hill doing Imperial Squat walkers, group at bottom doing Mexican squat jumps.  Group 3 does crawlbear up hill, then group at top of hill does crabwalk down the hill.  Go until everyone completes all three exercises.  Mosey back to football field.

3rd quarter- Burpee football again

4th quarter- running short on time, Bernie Sanders to 20 yard line 1 burpee, run back to goal line and another burpee.

Overtime finale:  Tunnel of Love- everyone went through the tunnel twice


Fire drill, Merkins, SSH, Imperial walkers, elevator




Announcements: June 10th – something big going on at Founder’s Park according to Donatello; Appalachian trail run end of July or first of August.



Three months ago I joined F3 and battled through a lot of soreness the first couple weeks.  Today we did some exercises that three months I couldn’t do.  I really appreciate the dedication of everyone that has helped inspire me to get out of bed and get it done- spiritually and physically.

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