Northeast Tennessee

Circuit Delight- Part Deux

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

13 men put their feet to this earth and put in some work.




Begin Exercise.

TTT (20) IC

LBAC(10) IC each direction

Shoulder Pretzels (30) IC


So it’s no big secret YHC recycled a previous Q from a last week, just on another AO. I tweaked a couple little things to ensure everyone was a fan.

2 Rounds of the following AMRAP. 90 seconds each with a 20 sec break

Incline Merkins

Squat Thrusters w/ 30lb Coupon

Tricep Overhead Presses w/ 30lb Coupon

Flutter Kicks


Overhead Press w/30lb Coupon


Static Overhead Press w/ 30lb Coupon

Bicep Curls w/ 30lb Coupon

Flutter Kicks

And for the wind down:

Shoulder Pretzels (30) IC

Flutter Kicks (30) IC

So just like the movie Top Shots Part Deux, this routine was full of philosophical, deep, meaning full, ah. B.S. It felt so good the first time why not  rinse and repeat. The grumbling was minimal, Ponzi took a direct hit during the LBC. Overall sweat was sweated.!


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