Northeast Tennessee

Forget Me Not

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Warm Up Through the Tunnel Merkins Side Straddle Hop Abe Vigoda Merkins Imperial Walkers all in cadence to strange numbers Then mosey to the field the long way to do Wilt Chamberlins Line up even with one light post 100 LBCs run 100 feet to other light post 100 squats run back down the court to the start 100 Flutter kicks  run back 100 lunges next mosey to the hill to try out Rail Road Tracks going up the hill then back down next go back to the same spot on the field to try out a Merkin Ladder starting at 10 Finished up with Mary of American Hammers Planks Freddy Mercury all in cadence to peculiar numbers Overall there was an appropriate amount of mumble chatter with every rotation and even some positive words of encouragement which regrettably I didn’t acknowledge because I was out of breath but thank you for that Sheppard and Chum 1 FNG equals Ross Frizzell who henceforth will be referred to as Chernobyl because he works at Nuclear Fuel Services He is also Singlets neighbor Finally this is titled forget me not because I have a feeling that for the next few days none of us will forget the squats and lunges that we did to honor Wilt Chamberlins 100 point game

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