Northeast Tennessee

Road Trip

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Workout Time: 0530

Temperature: Pleasant and Summery



Warm ups (all in cadence):

Motivator from 7

Little Baby Arm Circles

Imperial Walkers

Shoulder Pretzels



Willie Mays Hayes

Hillbilly Walkers

Don Quixotes

Motivator from 5

The Thang:

Because it’s summer, and because YHC has been away, today’s theme was travel, so it seemed a good time to introduce the Erwin pax to Route 66.

11 stations set up in a wider birth than our usual mosey lap; at station 1, pax do 1 rep, 2 reps at station 2, etc. All 11 stations add up to 66 reps.
Pax did four circuits, with the following exercises:
1st circuit-Merkins

2nd circuit-Big Boy Sit-ups

3rd circuit- Burpees

4th circuit- Squats

We closed out with Mary:

Flutter Kicks

Boat Canoe

Closing Prayer


This was my first workout back after a month away, and my first time on the Q since returning. After trying to pound out workouts on my own, in somewhat sporadic fashion, it is great to be back among a group of guys who push me, encourage me, and help me to get better. Iron sharpens iron.



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