Northeast Tennessee

Plyo in the skate park….what the hill?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Weather: 59 and perfect


6 PAX hit the asphalt and concrete for some serious explosive plyo with added run work. Scissorhands and Mickey remained at the track as Mickey continues rehab on his knee.



Jog to the bottom of the hill just off the skate park


The Thang

  • Alternating hill suicides and plyo work in the skate park
  • 3 cones were setup approximately each 3rd of the hill next to the baseball fields
  • Plyo moves were:
    • Box Jump
    • Jump Knee Tuck
    • Broad Jump
    • 1 Leg Lateral Box Jump
    • Skater Hop
    • Plank Hop
  • PAX began in the skate park with 1 PAX at each station
  • 2+ minutes of plyo work and switch to the hill suicides
  • Hill suicides took approximately 3 minutes to complete (5-6 minutes per round)
  • Rinse and repeat with no recovery until time is called


The mosey back to the parking lot was understandably slow so we did not get to COT or Namearama. Hill suicides are no joke, particularly combined with explosive plyo moves. Based on Ponzi’s GPS watch, we completed roughly 2.75 miles of hill suicides. I cannot believe we’ve been training at The Hill for this many months and never hit the skate park. Plenty of stations with variable heights and structures for adequate pain (and gain). Surely to be repeated soon.




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