Northeast Tennessee

The Unholy Beast

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Time: 0700

Temp: 60s




-Log Jumpers (15 IC)
-Crab Dips (15 IC)
-Pickle Pounders (15 IC)
-Arm Pretzels (15 IC)
-Little Baby Arm Circles (15 IC forward and Reverse)
-Through the Tunnel (15 IC)
-Mountain Climbers (15 IC)
-Motivators (From 5)
-Mosey Goal Post to Goal Post

The Thang:
I got my F3 name, Grizz, because I somewhat resemble Grizzly Adams and love the outdoors. So, for my VQ I thought it would be appropriate to have all animal or outdoor themed exercises. The name “The Unholy Beast” is from an episode of Grizzly Adams and seemed quite appropriate. Some of these may not be the official names of the exercises, but it was challenging none the less, if I do say so myself. Also, the soccer team greatly appreciated us drying off the field for them. We all left drenched in a mixture of sweat and rain/dew. The Thang consisted of two rounds of exercises with the option to rinse and repeat as you were able. Only few were able…myself included.

Round 1
-Bear Crawl to the midpoint (50 yards-ish)
-15 Crunches
-Yah Mules! (wheelbarrows) with partner to the goalposts (50 yards)
-10 “Sas-quats”
-Yah Mules! back to midpoint (switching partners)
-15 Crunches
-Snake Walk (Army Crawl) back to starting point
-10 Mudskippers (Burpee Planks w/partner)

Round 2
-Creek Jumpers (Broad Jumps) to the midpoint
-15 Crunches
-Alligator Rolls (Rolling Merkins) to the goalposts. Merkins increased by 1 with each roll.
-10 “Sas-quats”
-Leaping Lizards (high knee skips) back to midpoint
-15 Crunches
-Mudskippers w/partner back to beginning

Rinse and Repeat as able.

-Monkey Humpers x10. One person at a time. Others held ready position
-Rolly Polly’s(Superman/Bananas) on QIC’s command.
-Heals to Heaven (15 IC)




This was my VQ and it was an honor to lead these men. As I prepared the Q I struggled with whether it would be challenging enough. I was afraid it was going to be one of those workouts that looked worse on paper than it was really going to be. That fear was laid to rest upon the completion of the first round of Yah Mules! Everyone worked hard and pushed one another to dig deep, as we all needed it that day. Proud of all the guys and appreciate their hard work and encouragement during my VQ.

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