Northeast Tennessee

Let’s Put Some Miles In

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

. . . for Cheech

Conditions: 65 and perfect

12 Pax showed up sleeveless and ready to put in some work. YHC had already planned some running. Seemed even more appropriate under the conditions.

Disclaimer: Kardashian

Prayer: Kardashian


  • Morning Glories x15 IC
  • IW x15 IC
  • HW x15 IC
  • DQ x15 IC
  • Downward Dog Toe Touches x15 IC
  • Lateral 1/2 Squats x15 IC

The Thang

Indian Run with 16# Coupon (4 bricks wrapped in a towel)

At Tombstone Hill

Partner Up: 1 runs up hill while 2 AMRAP squats, switch. Repeat w/ mercans. SSH on the 6

At the stairs

Get a new Partner: 1 bunny hops up stairs then bear crawls down, 2 takes stair loop, switch

Indian Run w/coupon to the field

Get a new partner: 1 LBCs, 2 sprints across the field then bear crawls back, switch. Repeat w/ flutter kicks

Get in groups of 3. Gassers (appx 40m)

Mosey to amphitheatre

Get a new partner: 1 – AMRAP step ups while 2 takes a stair lap, switch


American Hammers until time’s up

Prayer: Kardashian

Announcements: F3NETN is moving to Slack from GroupMe. Donatello and I will be getting invitations out and hopefully migrate totally to Slack in a few days. Slack is pretty much Groupme on steroids. It will allow for more concise communication of regional and AO activities and, of course, nonsense.


The Pax of F3NETN are praying for Cheech’s wife, his children, and others touched by him. We pray that their community; specifically F3 and FiA, will be strengthened to counsel and support them through his passing.

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