Northeast Tennessee

a hill of a burpee builder

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather: mid 60’s low humidity-we’ll take it!




Warm UP:

Motivator from 5 IC (I may or may not have messed up the cadence…the motivator adds pressure when q’ing)

TTT IC x15

mosey to midway between 1st and 2nd curve


Hillbilly Walker IC x15

Merkins IC x10

Little Baby Arm Circles both IC x10

Slow squats IC x10

The Thang:

Pax mosey to front of school and line up at bottom of hill (which mid way up has a nice level-ish area for work).  Monday I sent out a message regarding a hint for what we may be doing… HxBBxRR=PD (hillxburpee buildersx rinse and repeat=pain delivered). Pax perform merkins at the base of the hill in the parking lot x10, run to mid part of hill perform thruster part of burpee x10, run to top of hill (might have been longer than I remembered) perform squat jumps portion of burpee x10.  RR adding 1 rep per exercise until reach 15.

The Pax and YHC needed a 30 sec breather prior to moseying to goalline of football field.  Pax line up along the goalline. Cones places at 20, 40, 40, 20 yrd lines.  Side shuffle to first cone 10 merkins and back to goaline, side shuffle to 40 yrd line cone perform 10 merkins (all while facing same direction while shuffling). Sprint forward to next cone at furthes 40yrd line perform 10 squats; run backwards to goaline.  Sprint to last cone at furthest 20 yrd line perform 10 squats. Return running backwards to goaline.  Lastly run full length and return





Moleskin:  We’ve been at Arrowhead now since January and YHC has been thinking about how to FULLY utilize the hill we happened to be blessed with (its the access road leading down to the school).  While thinking of what we would do today, it occured to me that I could not remember using each section of the leg (many q’s have used from the mid point up or from the base to the mid point). During the first trip up our man Ponzi said YHC had opened up a Pandora’s Box becuase now others may want to incorporate the whole thing…oh well.

Lastly,after today festivities YHC thought of a possible name for that hill…in keeping with the theme of the AO (Arrowhead, and that it takes place at a school called Indian Trail),  YHC thought about naming it Trail of Tears, because Pax will suffer on it…

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