Northeast Tennessee

Fun & Gun – Count by 10s

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was a crisp summer morning, not too hot, normal humidity, all around great day to put some work in.  Field was nice and wet from the rains the night before.





Windmill (Abe Vigoda) X 10

Imperial Walkers X 15

LBAC (F) X 15 – LBAC (R) X 15 – Chinook X 15

Merkins (IC) X 10 = 20 (for those doing the challenge)

LBCs X 15

Flutter Kicks X 15

1 Capri (Ponzi) Lap

The Thang:

Circuit 1:

Merkins X 10

Kettlebell Swings X 20

LBCs X 25

Curls X 30

R&R for about 8 minutes

Circuit 2:

Merkins X 10

Big Boy Sit-ups X20

Squats X 25

Curls X 30

R&R for about 8 minutes

Circuit 3:

Merkins X 10

Lunges X 20

Flutter Kicks X 25

Curls X 30

R&R for about 8 minutes

Circuit 4:

Merkins X 10

Monkey Humpers X 20

American Hammers X 25

Curls X 30

R&R for about 8 minutes

Most Pax completed 2-3 of each above


Hillbilly Walkers

Shoulder Pretzels


Merkins (IC) X 10 = 20 if you’re doing the challenge



3 FNGs

Steve Lane – Hiker/pharmacist/hormone replacement compounder = Welcome to Hotflash

Brett Lane – Recent HS grad, going to MTSU in the fall on ROTC scholarship.  Overdue for a haircut = Welcome to Annie

Ben Lane – Recent HS grad, going to ETSU in the fall for computer science = Welcome to Worm


Moleskin – 21 guys showed up to put in some work.  If F3 had not have met, I would wager about 10 guys, maybe less, would have gotten out of bed and done the same thing on their own.  Its a privilege to be able to be part of this group.  I’ve missed a few posts lately due to nagging injury and getting out to post is a reminder of what a blessing it is to be able to get out of bed, to be able to stand up in the morning on your own 2 feet, to be able to walk without assistance, and to be able to come out and work hard.  We take a lot for granted but life is fleeting.  Like a vapor, like a flower that withers.  Let us not forget to put priority on the things that matter for eternity and be grateful for the small pleasures each day brings upon this Earth.





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