Northeast Tennessee

Oh yeah! Feel the burn, the Tabata burn!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

WEATHER: 70 degrees (feels like 84 degrees with 94% relative humidity)


DISCLAIMER (I almost forgot!)

WARM-UP (Ponzi is fashionably late again):

Abe Vigoda – 15 IC

TTT – 10 IC

SSH – 10 IC


LBC – 10 IC

Suzanne Somers – OYO

Goofball – 10 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

Mosey across the field to the pull up bars.

THE THANG: 17 PAX showed up to see whether Radar was going to bring it…or just hear me call cadence. Since this was my first Q, I decided to do something I was familiar with…Tabata or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). As a general rule, you are supposed to complete several sets of one particular exercise (or two if doing in pairs) before moving on to the next exercise. However, I wanted to break the monotony (and to allow muscle groups to recover somewhat) and decided we would perform each exercise listed below once before repeating the circuit.

The PAX were divided into 5 groups and each group would start at their assigned station. Each exercise below was performed for 20 seconds AMRAP, followed by 15 seconds rest. Once a station was completed, then the group would move to the next station. Once all stations were completed, then rinse and repeat for remainder of allowed time.

Note: unfamiliar exercises were explained before starting the Tabata.

Station #1

Pull Ups

Mountain Climbers

Station #2

180 Degree Jumping Sumo Squats (when jumping, turn in the opposite direction before landing)


Station #3



Station #4

“Flashdance” (low stepping in place with arms at side; taken from the “She’s a Maniac” scene of movie by the same name)

Star Jacks

Station #5

Curb Dips

Bobby Hurleys

Circuit was repeated twice to make a total of 3 completions of each station. Afterwards, PAX jogged back to AO as a group while the QIC called out “military” cadence (see bottom of BB). The leader initiates a line, and the remaining PAX repeat it. The idea behind calling cadence is to instill teamwork, build camaraderie, boost the morale of a unit, and motivate and inspire the PAX to push through fatigue.

MARY (thanks to Donatello for jumping in, while I catch my breathe, and finishing us up strong)

Merkins – 20ish IC



Family Day Pool Party this Saturday @ 1630 (email already disseminated with details)

Kingsport F3 launch is August 12th

Honeysuckle has jelly and honey to sell (get it before its gone!)


MOLESKIN: I am grateful for the men of F3 Northeast, whom I consider my friends, for motivating me to get my butt out of bed in an attempt at getting back in shape. I am honored this morning to have led them in putting in some work. I only wish I could participate more often each week, but alas my work prevents that from time to time. In light of the recent USMC KC-130T crash on Monday, please pray for those families of the 15 Marines and one Sailor who perished and just reflect on the sacrifices that are made daily on our behalf to allow us the freedom to workout and the ability to pray without any fear of persecution. #FreedomIsn’tFree


Up in the morning before the rising sun

We like to workout just for fun

Bear crawls, merkins, a burpee or two

Fitness, faith, and fellowship is what we like to do

I used to sit at home all day

Letting my physique just a waste away

Then one day I heard of F3

Now I’m a lean, mean, workout machine!


Where you at?


In my legs


In my chest

I don’t care

I like it there!

A give me some


Good for you

Good for me

Beads of sweat

Rolling down my back

I don’t care

I like it there!

Losing weight

Feeling great!

Everywhere we go

People wanna know

Who we are

So we tell them

F3 Northeast Tennessee





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