Northeast Tennessee

First back-blast for Dan-O

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)
July 15 2017, 0700,
Temp- a comfortable for sweating 65F
We had 12 PAX, all of which cant be remembered so none of which shall be named
Side straddle hops IC-10
Wind Mills IC-10
LBAC in reverse IC-10
Motivators- IC -10
‘Merkins- Q executes PAX follows 10
Simple but effective, The X Box, PAX split into teams of 2 with partners going to a opposite corner of the football field, one partner sprints to the other while he does ‘merkins, that partner then sprints to the opposite corner (x across the field) and does squats, when in place the other sprints to him and does the opposite exercise ‘merkins on one side squats on the other. The sprint at max speed determined time you are either in a squat or a ‘Merkin. Rinse and repeat for duration of time.  Bonus round just before Mary- all Pax line up and sprint 50 yards with winner of each heat heading over to Mary area.
Howler Monkeys- 2 rounds
Leg lifts IC-10
Heels to Heaven- IC -10
Flutter Kicks IC- 10
‘Merkins- Q executes PAX follows- 10
[insert announcements]
Happy to be back had been gone for a week of solid training but missed Iron Valley, Outstanding effort by all involved and I am hopeful that I was thought of for a couple days after (I hope you were sore) Heads up for future Q time for me , I have more games than Milton Bradley, next up play station, cardio and upper body blast. Thanks to all in attendance , It was what I needed after an intense week, all of the parts, Fitness , Fellowship and Faith, and all were provided.

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