Northeast Tennessee

Snakes, Stairs, and Sprints

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

QIC: Rudy

Weather was 60 and perfect for some HIIT

7 PAX brought it to the Hill for a cardio beat-down that is simple yet oh so effective.



Stretch it out and 1 lap around the track


The Thang

Round 1 – The Snake

Everyone enjoyed the classic snake game which was a staple on the first Nokia phones. The PAX would recreate this classic using the football field. Beginning on the away corner of the goal line, sprint on the line across to the home side, shuffle to the 5yrd line, and sprint on the line back to the away side. This pattern would continue the length of the field (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, you get the picture) alternating shuffles and carioca. After a short recovery, rinse and repeat.


Round 2 – The Stairs

Beginning at the concrete staircase on the home side of the stadium, run to the top, and descend/ascend all the bleachers across and back until ending where we began. Nice little break between sprints.


Round 3 – Inside out / outside in suicide sprints

Beginning at the 50 yard line, sprint to the 40 and back to the opposite 40. Then sprint the 30 to 30, 20-20, 10-10, goal line to goal line. Slight recovery then reverse beginning goal line to goal line until ending at the 50.


Cool down lap around the track for exactly 3.1 miles of snakes, stairs, and sprints. Strong work men!!

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