Northeast Tennessee

I am not alone on the Hill

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)
  1. Conditions: 66 Degrees, Clear, Bit Warm


Prayer – Roadblock

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop x 15

Abe Vigoda x 15

Through the Tunnel x 15

Mosey to Boone Hill

The Thang

Blackjack up Boone’s Hill

Pax Choice Big Boy Sit-ups or Little Baby Crunches then to the top with Merkins for a nice jump start for 2nd A and Kardashian on daily/monthly Merkins Challenge and we hooked Penn-Seagal up with none left on the day, the rest of us were just blessed with some Merkins. Gravity was encountered at each end with fierce resistance. PAX prevailed.

Mosey back to the Amp

Didn’t quite get up the ladder, but we wrapped up with missing reps OYO in the Amp and mopped up some chalk.

Intel Report: 2.13 Miles and 210 Merkins/ & 210 BBS/LBC all before breakfast. No further movement in AO, operations to resume 05:30 hrs Thursday 20/07/2017, heavy resistance expected beyond the wire by gravity.



COT/Closing Prayer – Roadblock

Announcements:  A bit about FiA and some nice chalk on my threads.


“Dairy is evil”, ominous words written on lukewarm concrete, did not deter 8 men from charging a hill, cursing gravity at each end and rolling around in some sidewalk chalk to end our morning ritual. This was most “Chua” and led to great vigor the remainder of the daylight hours in all endeavors for my part.

Chua is an old school Ranger expression from a long, long, long time ago akin to Huah or Hoorah, but different because it was Rangerese and therefore infinitely cooler. When properly uttered while flipping a can of dip and loading the bottom lip with a copious amount of said dip, it conveyed a message of complete understanding between to brothers, no other words required… I felt the message because I was not alone on the hill, no dip required.

I shared the morning with 7 men who wouldn’t take it lying down and through their time and effort made sure I felt most Chua today. Thanks to all 7 of you, the world is most definitely a better place, inspired by this time together. I tried to make other peoples day better and I feel pretty sure good was done and this day was won, because of you. That is how we won today, together. Life is very good when your not alone on the hill.

Drive On – Roadblock Out.

PAX: Penn-Seagal, Jimmy Neutron(R), Crampon(R), Ambien, Kardashian, Chum(R), 2nd Amendment, Roadblock.



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