Northeast Tennessee

Bible School Beatdown

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

QIC: Slugger
Pax: Capo, Whiff, Mudslide, Copperfield

Time: 0530

Temp: 70 degrees


Motivator from 7

Little Baby Arm Circles, front and back

Don Quixotes


Hillbilly Walkers

Willie Mays Hayes

Thru the Tunnel

The Thang:

Because it’s Vacation Bible School season in East Tennessee, today’s workout had a Bible story theme–a journey through some of the familiar (and less familiar) stories from your childhood. Sadly, Arts and Crafts, lemonade, and graham crackers were not on the docket.

The Crafty Serpent: As Genesis tells us, sin entered the world through the deceitful machinations of the serpent. We started off with a snake exercise that was almost as evil. Plank head to foot, PAX in back bear crawls, weaving through all the other pax until he reaches the front; repeat for the length of the field.

Joshua and the battle of Jericho: To commemorate the Israelites’ miraculous triumph over the Canaanites living in Jericho and their entry into the Promised Land, we simulated their seven-day siege of the ancient walled city.

–Day 1: 1 Pax runs a lap and other Pax do Merkins

–Day 2 Another Pax runs a lap while other Pax do Squats

–Day 3….Pax do Burpees

–Day 4….Pax do Merkins

–Day 5….Pax do Squats

–Day 6…..Pax do Burpees

–Day 7 All Pax run 2 laps together; we did not shout and blow trumpets, but the feeling of victory was nonetheless palpable.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Suicides: While not a familiar part of the VBS curriculum, the episode out of Revelation that recounts the appearance of the Four Horsemen, representing War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death, is still a vivid depiction of judgment, and calling this exercise by this name made our galloping seem a little bit more manly.

Partner up and proceed to field, where four cones are set up at equal intervals.

Partner A gallops to first cone and back while partner B does Lunges

A gallops to second cone and back while partner B does Diamond Merkins

A gallops to third cone and back while partner B does Imperial Squat Walkers

A Gallops to fourth cone and back while partner B does Merkins

Then B does the galloping while A does exercises



Flutter Kicks

Boat Canoe


While this morning’s group was small, they put in good work. Happy to be on the Q again after a brief hiatus.

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