Northeast Tennessee

Pax, Pepsi Hill; Pepsi Hill, Pax. The start of a beautiful friendship.

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

12 Pax dragged themselves through the gloom to the track this morning the YHC’s first Q at The Hill.

DISCLAIMER – Kardashian
PRAYER – Kardashian



  • Motivator X5
  • TTT X 15
  • DQ X 10


Mosey a lap

Along sideline –

20 yards each

  • Butt kickers
  • High knees
  • Karaoke
  • Slide
  • Backpedal
  • Repeat

At the speed hurdles

  • Single step
  • Double step
  • side step
  • hop
  • one foot hop
  • Mosey to introduce Pax to Pepsi Hill (so named because Pepsi paints a HUGE logo on the hill each year for fireworks)
  • Sprint 3 laps forward up the hill
  • Bernie Sanders 2 laps (Tombstone has nothing on the burn this hill provided)
  • Indian Run to hill next to Liberty bell.
  • Suicides using 5 light poles as markers
  • Mosey back to track
  • Sprint straights, mosey curves

PRAYER – Kardashian

Moleskin – YHC is glad to work on one floor today. I might be able to do steps around lunchtime. Thanks to the pax of NETN for pushing me. My tracker counted 3.5 miles, and 30 floors.

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