Northeast Tennessee

Skate or Die!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Clear, 66 degrees

– Squats (IC x 7)
– Through the tunnel (IC x 20)
– Arm Pretzels (IC x 7)
– Windmills (IC x 20)
– Hillbilly Walkers (IC x 7)
– LBAC (IC x 20)
– Imperial Walkers ( IC x 7)
– LBAC reverse (IC x 20)
– Motivators (IC x 7)
– Willie Mays Hayes (IC x 20)
– Mosey 2 laps

“Skate or Die!”

Today was a throwback to one of YHC’s favorite 80s NES video games, 720, a skate boarding game that coined the phrase, “Skate or Die!” In the game, if you didn’t keep doing tricks or go to an event a swarm of angry bees would attack and kill you, so our goal was to escape the bees by working hard.

Mosey to the shovel flag and partner up

One member of the team began the “Skate” portion of the workout which involved a lap of an activity around the circle. The other began the “Or die” portion of the workout which involved completing as many as you can of the activities until the laps were completed. Partners switched each lap until eventually all exercises were completed by both. Rinsed and repeated until time was up.

Side shuffle (switch at half way mark)
Knee lift run (high knees)
Airwalk (big strides or leaps)
Turkey Trot (flapping arm movement while jogging, sound FX optional)
ET (empty tank) run (leave it all out there)

Ollies (jump straight up)
Rocky Balboa (aka – Riverdance, curb kicks alternating feet back and forth)
Dancing Bears (from plank, lift right arm and left leg, return to plank, lift other arm and leg)
Iron Hammers (like American Hammers with a lift and hammer drop before switching sides)
ET (empty tank) merkins (leave it all out there)

– Heels to Hawk (IC x 7) (As in Tony Hawk. Heels to heaven starting position, with leg movement to “skate”)
– LBC (IC x 15)
– Flutter kicks (IC x 15)
– Freddie Mercuries (IC x 15)
– Boxcutters (IC x 7)
– American Hammers (IC x 10)
– Boat Canoe

YHC shared with the PAX a few thoughts about the power of culture as experienced as a kid who got into skate culture even though I never actually owned a skateboard or could ride with any skill. YHC only played some skate boarding games and had friends who played the same games or actually skated, but the passion of skaters displaying their skills honed through much work influenced all of us to take an interest. Likewise, F3 creates a powerful culture where our mutual commitment to fitness, fellowship, and faith can influence not only those of us that participate but others around us who might observe and take an interest in what we are doing and why. Hopefully some of the sad clowns will be more than observers and join in what we are doing to create this positive culture in our communities.

YHC again thanks Slugger for covering my Q on 7/20, when YHC was sick. YHC regretted missing the Bible School Beat Down given to the PAX present that day. Doc Ock reminded the group to continue to pray for those both leading and participating in various VBS programs throughout the rest of the summer.

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