Northeast Tennessee

The bears came crawling with coupon in tow……

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Twas a muggy 67 this morning, when the PAX hit the Gloom. The 75% humidity was refreshing as always.


TTT (20) IC

Shoulder Pretzel (25) IC

LBAC (20) IC Fwd & Rev

Mekin (10) IC

BAC (20) IC

Flutter Kicks (20) IC

LBCs (20) OYO


Cones were lined up every 10 yards, to the 50 yards line.  Pax would bear crawl to each cone to perform a series of exercises. Partners would alternate dragging a 50 lb coupon  between each cone. After reaching the 50 yard line both partners would sprint to the next goal line and return back to the 50 yards line. Reverse order for the exercises, but performing a standing drag to each cone.

  • 10 yrd line Merkins (10)
  • 20 yrd line Shoulder Pretzel (20)
  • 30 yrd line American Hammers (30)
  • 40 yrd line Flutter Kicks ( 40)
  • 50 yrd line Squats (50)

Repeat 2 times.

MARY (optional)
Baby: Frog Kicks

Honeysuckle: LBC’s

Beaker: Plank Jacks


Pedialytes daughter, Tracy(Creeper’s sister) cancer diagnosis, Jason’s (friend of Baby) medical condition.
After returning from the Pacific Northwest I have come to the conclusion Humidity sucks. I watch each week guys posting and getting better. Hats off to 8 Bit for strong work today. Everyone did an awesome job this morning. The sandbags may need more weight the next time. Also like to welcome Creeper who is visiting us from NC

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