Northeast Tennessee

Every Rose has its Thorn and Chasing Chum.

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather, muggy, warm with 100% chance of trains.

9 Pax: Jimmy Neutron(R), Coldcall, Chum(R), Refill, Redcard, Shepherd(R), 2nd Amendment, Pythagoras, Roadblock


Prayer – Roadblock

Prayers lifted for Brownie and Jester.

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop x 10 (4 count in cadence)

Abe Vigoda x 10 (4 count in cadence) low and slow

Burpee Traaaaaaiiiiinnn…. lets say 15 and call it even. Train 0 – Pax 1 Boom!

Little Baby Arm Circles Forward and Back x 10 each (4 count in cadence)

Through the Tunnel x 10 (4 count in cadence)

The Thang

Amped-Theater Grind – Countdown Reps from bottom to top and to the stairs and back running loop.

Bottom to Top, starting with 40 reps and decreasing by 10 after each run loop. Run loop was from top of Amped-Theater to the stairs up and back to Amped-Theater.

40 x, 30 x, 20 x, 10 x – Big Boy Sit-ups (100 total)

40 x, 30 x, 20 x, 10 x – Inclined Merkins (100 total)

40 x, 30 x, 20 x, 10 x – Little Baby Crunches (100 total), Roadblock has the breathing technique down. Jokes aside breathing helps with reps and evidently provides entertainment.

40 x, 30 x, 20 x, 10 x – DIPs (yeah you know mes) (100 total)

40 x, 30 x, 20 x, 10 x – Decline Merkins (100 total) – That sucked no two ways about it

I think I just got lapped by Chum again…...

Side Straddle Hops x 15 (4 count in cadence)

Squats x 10 (4 count in cadence) low and slow

Buddy Up – Toes to Chest for 60 seconds, no injuries reported, yet.

Intel Report: 0.66 Miles and 100 reps of man building intensity times 5, plus 90 more various reps for good measure. No further movement in AO, nude bathers from 7/25 vacated premises, operations to resume 07:00 hrs Saturday 7/29. All capable PAX called to deploy.



COT/Closing Prayer – Roadblock

Thanks and prayers lifted once again for Jester and Brownie

Announcements:  Reach out to Penn-Seagal for invite to 3rdF Slack Channel, good sharing, much support. We got your six here at F3 gentlemen I have seen the posts to prove it and have felt the love, looking at you Chum, myself.


I have issues, many many issues. I have tried many times to handle them on my own, only to fail myself and others, when asking for help or guidance and accepting it would have served me better. There is grace in learning your limitations and a freedom in brotherhood, much like brothers-in-arms, where you know someone has your six.

I have enjoyed the 3rdF channel not because I have shared or helped much, but Penn-Seagal, Donatello, Rudy, Glory, Doc-Ock and others have opened up in this forum, which has given me faith that it is a place I can share as well. I enjoy it because I feel like the next time I shoulder something that I cannot handle alone I can reach out for forgiveness, guidance, help or just to ask someone to watch my six and pull me back from the trip-wires I cannot see because of my own limitations.

Merkins for the heart and soul have to be worth like 50 physical ones right? I am sure I will be awkward and unsteady as I begin working harder on the 3rd F, but the leadership provided by the men and others previously noted above lead me to believe I too can build a little heart and soul.

I got my thorns and my sad sad songs, but right about now I am feeling Three Little Birds, F1, F2, and F3 melting my worries away. 🙂

Special thanks to Chum for everything, and I think you just lapped me again…..

Drive On – Roadblock Out.


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