Northeast Tennessee

8 Station Rotation

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Overcast for a somewhat gloomy 75 degree morning. Just gloomy enough that it made it hard to see some of the cones, so we bear crawled to them a few times just to be sure we found them.


SSH – 15 IC

TTT – 10 IC

Merkin – 10 IC

LBAC – 10 IC, Reverse 10 IC


8 cones were placed in a circle with the shovel flag at the center. Each cone was approximately 20yds from the flag. PAX paired up (after YHC having everyone count off by 2s only to realize that wasn’t needed) with a few groups taking a 3rd man. Each group would start at a cone, perform the move noted for 2min, and then circle up around the flag for 1min of core work. At the conclusion of the core work, groups would rotate clockwise to the next cone. Just for fun YHC threw in a bear crawl to the next cone on every other rotation.

Moves were as follows:

  1. Block Hop Merkin
  2. 1 Leg Squats
  3. Golf Ball Merkin
  4. Block Squat Press
  5. Airplane / Cobra
  6. Burpee
  7. Block Curls
  8. Lunge

Core was as follows:

  1. Flutter Kick
  2. Windshield Wipers (slightly modified for more pain)
  3. LBC
  4. Scissor Twist
  5. Sphinx Crunch Hold
  6. American Hammers
  7. Plank Star Crunch
  8. Elected to skip this move and audible to a snake run on the football field. Made it just past the 50yd line before we had to call time.



Welcome FNG Tinker-Buc (Justin Kelly)- Finance guy who enjoys the outdoors and powerlifting. Was once forced by his fraternity to wear a Tinkerbelle backpack around ETSU for an entire year.

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