Northeast Tennessee

Ride the waves

It was an overcast morning with zero precip and a balmy 68 degrees that greeted the PAX as they descended upon the Arrowhead AO. Wispy, ethereal dreams of increased vigor and robust constitutions echoed between ears, even as hearts quickened at the 5:30 call to movement. Also, zero butt swats

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

When:  08/29/2017 QIC:  Brownie The PAX:  Cooter, Road Block, Minnow, Cold Call, Crampon, Kardashian, Ponch, Chum, Shepherd, Twilight (FNG), 2nd Amendment, Red Card, Billie Jean, Swingline, Pythagoras, Penn-Seagal, and Brownie. Weather:  Warm, 61 degrees F COP – Brownie Disclaimer Warmup Merkins x10 OYO LBC’s x10 OYO Squats x10 IC Pickle Pounders x10

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Barrows of Run Birthday Bash

Pax: Donatello, Balk, Pauley, Krdashian, Jar Jar, Heisenberg, Radar, 2nd Amendment, Chum, Jobs, Thing 2, Phthagorus Thing 1, Roadblock, Colin Chesley-Eeyore (FNG), Beaker, Grills, Crampon, Sandbag, Lifelock, Coldcall, Swingline, Minimus, Mitch Miller-Minnow (FNG), Mark Rickersham-Paddle (FnG), Rite Aid, Doc Ock, Shepherd, Deep Dish, Glory 31 Today with 41 FiA women

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