Northeast Tennessee

I don’t think we’ve ever used this parking lot for F3 before…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

When:  08/01/2017

QIC:  Brownie

The PAX:  2nd Amendment, Shepherd, Refill, Chum, Jimmy Neutron, Hoarders, Red Card, Donatello, Rite Aid, Kardashian, Road Block, Cold Call, and Brownie.

Weather:  Warm, 66 degrees F

COP – Brownie



Merkins x10 OYO

Hillbilly Walkers x20 IC

Merkins x8 OYO

Pickle Pounders x20 IC

Merkins x6 OYO

Shoulder Pretzels x20 IC

Merkins x4 OYO

Squats x20 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the track around the field.  Complete 1 lap and slingshot around to the parking lot at the far end of Founders Park.  Yes, that parking lot!

There, you will see rows of lines representing parking spaces.  If my math is correct, there were 20 such lines.

At each line, perform 5 Squats.  100 Squats total.

On the return trip, perform 10 Lunges (each leg) at each line.  200 Lunges total.

On the next trip down, perform 15 LBC’s at each line.  300 LBC’s total.  This ran most of us to time.

Only a few of us got to the 2nd return trip, but those that did began working on 20 Shoulder Pretzels at each line.

Mosey back to the AO.

AMRAP Pickle Pounders OYO while waiting on the 6.

Merkins x10 OYO

Count-O-Rama – 13 PAX in attendance.



For those counting, you should have completed 28 Merkins and approximately 35 Pickle Pounders this morning!

The Kingsport launch is coming up on 8/12.  Donatello encouraged the PAX to help the Kingsport men get there by any means necessary.

EH an FNG.

Several PAX were encouraged to get on the Q sheet.


Sometimes life is hard (can I get an “AMEN”)!  Sometimes what makes life “hard” is our own fault.  Today’s post was an illustration of both of these statements.  When things get hard, we can either persevere or cave to the pressure.  There was A LOT of mumblechatter this morning about having to complete these reps all the way down the parking spaces.  I heard one PAX say that there was no way he would be doing this on his own.  He is just the only one that I heard verbalize this.  I am sure most (if not all) of us were thinking the same thing!  What encouraged me is that, even though we may have all been THINKING this, we ALL were continuing to push through the adversity in front of us.  My prayer is that we do this not only with F3 workouts, but in every aspect of our lives.  It was a blessing spending time with each of you this morning, even if I will probably be sore most of today.  We are all better for it!

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